Christopher W. Roberts

Chris Roberts is a family law and divorce attorney who represents clients in all aspects of family law, including separation, divorce, property, child custody, support, post-judgment issues, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and domestic violence matters in Maryland.

Chris is passionate about representing his client’s interests. He is an adept problem solver – he takes the time to understand his clients’ unique challenges and represents their interests powerfully and effectively to achieve the desired outcome, regardless of the forum. Creative and resourceful, he seeks to resolve difficult issues without relying on the expensive and often difficult court process wherever possible. When litigation is the best or only option, Chris thrives in the courtroom, and has earned a reputation as a formidable advocate for his clients.

Chris regularly handles complex financial cases on behalf of high net-worth individuals and their families, frequently representing business owners and executives or their spouses. These cases may require valuation of a business or other marital property, tracing of marital and non-marital funds, knowledge of the tax consequences associated with property disposition or awards of support, and familiarity and comfort with forensic accounting and related issues. Chris also often handles complex child custody matters involving child custody and/or psychological evaluations, multi-state or international jurisdictional disputes, and mental health or substance abuse issues. Chris serves as a court-appointed Best Interest Attorney as well, representing the interests of children in contested child custody cases.

Chris is certified as a child custody and financial mediator, and frequently serves as a mediator for parties, without or without attorney participation. In cases where neither party has an attorney, Chris will draft the agreement for the parties once they reach an agreement.

Chris is also trained in the practice of Collaborative Family Law, a cooperative and transformative approach to resolving divorce issues which allows parties to work together to find the right solutions for their family. In a collaborative case, Chris works closely with the other party’s attorney and a team of jointly selected neutrals to find practical and creative solutions that allow parties to move forward while also preserving important goals and relationships within their family dynamic.

Chris is a native of Montgomery County, where he continues to reside with his wife and two children. Before becoming a family law attorney, Chris was a high school English teacher in the Montgomery County Public School system.


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